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From: Erin
Subject: Family Games Part 3 Author's note: This story is completely fictitious and pure
fantasy. It contains depictions of sexual acts between minors and incest.
If easily offended or if it is illegal to read such material where you
live, please refrain from continuing or do so by your own volition. This
story is the work of the author and should not be copied or posted
elsewhere in any way without the permission of the author. Comments are
welcome to tranquility32hotmail.com. I'd love to hear what people think
and again, thank you to all those who commented on parts 1 & 2. Your
thoughts are appreciated. Enjoy!--------------- It was shortly after I turned nine that we played together for the
last time. Everything had started out like a normal day. David and I had
rushed outside as soon as we finished breakfast. School was out for the
summer and we couldn't have asked for a better day. We raced through the
yard to the woods and climbed up the ladder to the tree house. As usual, there was a moment of awkwardness until one of us made
the first move. That day, it was David. He closed the few feet separating
us and pulled me close as he bent his head fozya loli bbs post
down to mine. I went up on
tiptoe and met his lips with mine, wrapping my arms around his neck.
David's arms went around me and stroked down my back before covering my
ass. He lifted me up a little so our hips were even and pulled me tight
against him. I could feel his cock hardening against my pussy and sighed
into his mouth. He held me there for a few minutes, rocking me against his
lengthening cock, our preteen lolita boy girl breathing quickening. When he set me down, I immediately kneeled and reached for the
zipper and button of his jeans. Once both were taken care of, I reached
inside and wrapped my hand around real loli nymphets xxx him, gently squeezing. I carefully
pulled his pants and boxers down with my free hand and began stroking his
now hard cock. I looked up at him and we locked nude russian lolita site eyes. I smiled briefly
and he reached a hand out to stroke my hair away from my face. My hand
pulled his cock towards my face and I leaned in closer to him, rubbing the
tip across my lips. Looking up at him, I saw his eyes unfocus for a moment
and slide halfway shut and I felt a very feminine sense of satisfaction
beyond my young years in knowing I was able to affect my big brother this
way. When I stuck my tongue out and gently slid it back and forth
against the underside of his cock, David's eyes closed all the way and I
could feel a tremor flow through him. I smiled once again and then opened
my lips and took his warm cock into my mouth. I sank all the way down his
length, quietly mmm-ing my pleasure at tasting him. I slowly began moving
him in and out of my mouth, gently sucking and working him with my hand
around the base. I had become a skilled cocksucker at nine years old
thanks to playing with my brother. It wasn't long before David began to move his hips in time with my
sucking. I looked up at him again and picked up my pace, sucking a little
more forcefully. I heard his breath begin to come faster and one of his
hands snaked out to wrap around the back of my head, guiding me. David's
cock got impossibly harder in my mouth and I knew he was close. His hand
fisted in my hair in the way I loved and a harsh groan tore from his lips. I felt his cock begin to pulse in my mouth as I expected. What I
didn't expect was the sudden presence of a hot liquid on my tongue. My
eyes flew open in surprise and I jerked my head back to see two more shots
leave the tip of his cock. David was shaking from the force of his orgasm
and he sank to his knees gasping for breath. When he opened his eyes, he saw where I was looking and noticed the
droplets on the floor between us. His eyes widened in surprise and then a
grin spread across his face. He gave a quick laugh and ran a hand through
his hair. "I came," he said with a smile, still sounding a little surprised. "What? What ebony lolas nonude moldels
is that?" I asked. "It's cum." When I didn't say anything and just continued looking
at him with a worried expression, he laughed again. "It's supposed to
happen," he said. "It never did before," I said dubiously, still eyeing the wetness
with speculation. "Well, sometimes it takes awhile," he informed me. He surprised me
yet again when he pulled me into a tight hug. "Thanks, sis. That was
amazing," he whispered against my ear. I could help but smile at that. Suddenly we heard Mom call out to us from across the yard. lolita swimwear model galleries
quickly pulled his boxers and pants up and we dashed down the tree and ran
to the house. Mom was standing in the back doorway waiting. She was
dressed for work. "The office just called," she said, ruffling David's hair.
"Someone called in sick, so I have to go in for a few hours. You think you
two will be okay till I get back? Since David and I were pretty
well-behaved kids and got along so well, our parents were fairly
comfortable letting us stay home alone now that David was 13. David and I exchanged a glance and then he said, "Yeah, sure, no
problem." "Okay," she said and leaned down to give each of us a kiss on the
cheek. "Call if you need anything and I'll be back in awhile." She picked
up her purse and keys and headed for the door. She looked back at us when
she opened the door and raised an eyebrow at David. "Look after your
sister," she said. It was a pointless reminder; of course he would look
after me. "Yeah, sure thing, Mom," he said, rolling his eyes at her. She laughed and shot us one more look, saying, "Behave," before she
pulled the door shut behind her. I looked up at David, hoping we'd maybe
go back out to the tree house, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me into
the living room to watch some tv. We didn't play anymore free preteenlolita vagina picture that day and over the next couple days,
David seemed a little distant. When I asked if he wanted to go out to the
tree house, he looked up at me and sighed. "Not today," he said. I gave him a quizzical look but said, "Okay," and sat down next to
him to watch him play a video game. It went like that over the next couple weeks until I finally
stopped asking and realized that for whatever reason, our games were done.
I was bummed out, but David and I continued to be close and hang out
together so I knew we were okay. I had also, in our time playing together,
learned how to make myself feel good and began masturbating more often on
my own. As David and I both got older, we remained close. I began to learn
all about boys and girls and was finally able to put some names to some of
the things we had done as kids. As usual, with most kids, I learned more
from talking with my friends than I did from the talk with my mother or
teachers in health class. I felt incredibly superior listening to my
friends talk about cocks and blow jobs and getting eaten out, all of them
wondering what it would be like, knowing that I had already experienced all
those things. Never once though did I tell anyone about the hours that my brother
and I spent hidden away in the tree house. That was something special
between David and I and I never felt the desire to let the cat out of the
bag. I always smiled a secret smile though whenever the subject of boys
and sex was brought up in my group of friends.---------------More to come!
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